Is your self-critical voice getting in the way of you experiencing your full potential within relationships?

life can be stressful. 
setting boundaries is hard. 
giving ourselves as much attention as we give others feels nearly impossible. 
yet we’re surrounded by the message that we need to
show up fully, be authentic, and exude confidence. 
a balance of understanding, vulnerability, and authentic connection
Let’s reconnect with your emotional desires & identify the countless strengths that may be difficult for you to recognize.
Together we’ll work through how you can skillfully express and utilize them to fulfill your personal and professional goals.
everyone has different




Short or long term treatment to address your individual needs. 


**Dr. Sheva is not accepting clients for therapy nor mental health treatment at this time. **

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This program is created from Dr. Sheva’s years of experience with working with people, personal insights & growth, and passion for helping amazing women in improving their self-confidence, loving themselves, and becoming more relationally well.

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media expert

I show up on your show to offer your audience the latest psychology information on various topics. I also provide psychological expertise for major written publications.

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workshops & presentations

Private in-person or virtual education for your group, communities, school, and/or corporations. 

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Improve your working environment and team dynamics with education on topics like mental health prevention, effective communication, & self-care while working remotely. 

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Customized group retreats alongside colleagues from different fields (i.e., nutrition, yoga, spiritual).

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"There is a voice that doesn't use words. Listen."

- Rumi

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