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Are you a company or firm interested in advancing team morale?

Are staff members “missing” each other in conversations?

Is diversity something that is discussed? Is staff burn-out an issue?

A licensed clinical psychologist can provide consultation for individuals, groups, and/or organizations to address various areas of concerns, difficulties, and improvement. A clinical psychologist is trained and specialized in human behavior and processes; thus, they are able to identify factors that are contributing to/maintaining systemic problems and help in identifying effective and lasting solutions.


A consultation can serve as both a direct intervention, as well as a prevention tool. For instance, consultations are recommended when there is a problem area that needs to be effectively navigated with consideration to various stakeholders. Other possible areas of consultation include diversity-related concerns, human relations, management-staff relationships, staff morale and retention, productivity enhancement, mental health, program development and implementation, & etc. 
Consultation is a necessary option when guidance is needed to effect optimal change. Although consultation can help in overcoming an existing obstacle, in my work, I see consultation as an opportunity to be intentional and proactive about enhancing areas of inherent strengths and supporting areas of growth. Interventions are provided based on the unique needs, concerns, and goals and values of the system.

I am available to:
Determine barriers to individual, group, and systematic success.
Help your company or firm work towards improving work environment, staff interactions, and client outcomes.
Enhance the internal workings of your company and work relationships.
areas of particular specialty include: 
Effective communication


Conflict resolution




Diversity training


Overcoming burn-out/self-care


Bridging the gap between young adults
and seasoned employees
Corporate consulting can promote staff well-being and subsequent positive outcomes across your organization!
contact me if you're interested in fostering healthy and positive work environments.
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