Are you looking to have a psychology expert on your podcast, TV show, or other media outlet?

Are you wanting someone with a particular specialty in working with young adults?

As an expert within the media, I see my role as an opportunity to reach a greater number of people and provide psychoeducation regarding areas that are important to us-both individually and collectively.


As technology advances and our schedules become busier, more and more people are absorbing information on-the-go. Thus, I find it vital that as a licensed clinical psychologist and relationship coach, I connect with individuals in ways that they are comfortable with, while providing the latest psychology education and tips.

speaking topics include:


Millennials and young adults
Romantic relationships
Online dating 
Modern communication 
Impact of social media and technology 
Anxiety, Depression, and other mental health difficulties 
Self-care and stress management techniques 
Balancing familial and professional responsibilities 
Unique stressors of women within the workplace 
Effects of cultural differences in the workplace and in relationships
Social anxiety & self-esteem 
Additional speaking topics are available based on your unique needs and audience.
For booking inquiries, please contact me at: drshevaassar@drshevaassar.com
contact me to discuss how i can contribute to
your media opportunity.

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