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Do you need one-on-one time to better understand your emotions and experiences, as well as receive support from a trained clinician?

Feeling down or anxious, or recently experienced a significant life change and uncertain of what to do or who to talk to?

Have you recently noticed that you’ve been attracting the same kind of partner and ready to look a little deeper at your relationship patterns?

Individual therapy is fitness for the mind and heart. I can help you take inventory of your current mental health needs and status, as well as show you ways to strengthen your emotional awareness, thought processes, relational dynamics, and behaviors. 


I provide short term individual therapy to help you feel more immediate relief. I also provide long-term individual therapy to reduce your symptoms, build emotional awareness and insight, increase emotional expressivity, and understand yourself within a relational and cultural context.

I practice from a culturally-responsive, integrated approach that draws from evidence-based, familial, and psychodynamic traditions and interventions. The therapeutic relationship is of paramount importance within treatment.


I provide a warm and safe space, where you feel comfortable to receive support and understanding, while also being appropriately challenged and pushed to help you in getting to where you want to be.

areas of specialty:
Adjustment to life changes or recent stressors
Processing of sexual or interpersonal traumas
Social Anxiety/Self-Esteem
Relationship Difficulties
Communication & Assertiveness Training
Familial Dynamics
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Traveling, commuting, and managing life events can be significant stressors, but should not be variables that interfere with your ability to get the support and treatment you deserve.


I also offer individual therapy through teletherapy to focus on your mental health and emotional wellbeing within the convenience of your home or work settings.


Of note, teletherapy services are only available for California residents.

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executive coaching

Sometimes exploring past interpersonal and emotional patterns or experiences may not be what you’re wanting. You also may not be in the place to be able to commit to weekly treatment, but find that you are ready for change.


Coaching can be the preferred option if you’re willing and wanting to engage in behavioral changes, but need some emotional and skills-based guidance to make these changes and rise to the next level. Executive coaching incorporates directive and skills-based interventions to take you to the next level within your work life, as a leader, partner, parent, or etc.


Coaching is not treatment; thus, I often recommend it for someone who is doing fairly well in many areas of their life, but need the extra support in a particular area.

Together we will discuss the best approach for you and set up an appointment. 
contact me if you are interested in any form of
individual therapy and/or support.
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