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Do you just need some me time?

Are you finding yourself feeling consistently depleted?

Are you ready to slow down and just be?

As a society, we pride ourselves on high productivity, perfectionism, & keeping busy and doing at all times. Often times, there is little time to just be and focus on our internal selves- our mind, body, and spirit. The need to take some time away from work and other commitments is becoming a necessity, in order to refuel ourselves and ensure that we are showing up as our fully authentic selves in all areas of our lives.

Wellness retreats are a way for you to be intentional and proactive in taking care of you- completely guilt-free. As a licensed clinical psychologist and relationship coach, I work alongside other colleagues in providing holistic retreats to foster holistic rejuvenation and growth.

I am also available to serve as a professional guide, if you're hosting a retreat and would like an expert in mental health and wellness to facilitate a portion of it.

I offer wellness retreats for young women
with dedicated time for:
Self-reflection and awareness
Emotional rejuvenation
Learning within a connected space
themes of wellness retreats include: 


Navigating personal and professional demands
Asserting one’s voice
Centering one’s values
Healthy relationships
I am happy to discuss upcoming retreats that you would benefit from participating in and/or discuss how I can facilitate a portion of your wellness retreat.
contact me if you're interested in collaborating towards the restorative road of wellness.
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