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Are you a school administrator interested in promoting the wellbeing of your students through a focus on personal and academic success?

Are you in a leadership position looking to improve staff performance and morale?

Are you wanting to dedicate time for the mental health and emotional wellbeing of your colleagues?

I present on various areas pertaining to personal and academic/professional success. As a licensed clinical psychologist, I offer workshops and presentations that are focused on awareness and skill enhancement to promote the overall advancement of your team.


Workshops and presentations are an effective and enjoyable way for you to foster a stronger sense of learning, community-building, and positive change across many levels within your organization.

It is more important than ever to focus on mental health prevention, coping, and ways to support colleagues and teams. 

workshop and presentation topics include: 
Effective communication
Conflict resolution 
Stigma associated with mental health treatment
Diversity training and advocacy
Dating red flags 
Healthy versus unhealthy relationships
Preparing for college:
stress management and tips to promote college and personal success! 
Stress Management 
Supporting a friend in distress 
Improving Social Confidence 
I am also happy to organize workshops or presentations outside of these identified areas.
please contact me to discuss arranging a workshop or presentation
for your students or staff members. 
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