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Self Confidence & relationship Coaching

This program is created from Dr. Sheva’s years of experience with working with people, personal insights & growth, and passion for helping amazing women in improving their self-confidence, loving themselves, and becoming more relationally well.

Ever wonder why figuring out relationships feels so hard?!

You’ve done incredibly well academically and professionally -

you know if you work hard, it’ll pay off.

Put time and effort and it’ll directly impact your success.

So why isn’t that working within your relationships?

You’ve tried not to rock the boat by not potentially offending someone or being hard on yourself thinking about all the ways you can “improve” to benefit others, and YET you’re still left feeling unfulfilled.

You’re putting off self-care and putting others’ needs first, neglecting your own desires and needs while saying YES when you mean NO and focusing on what you think you’re “supposed” to be doing.

You’re regularly questioning yourself and wondering if you’ll ever fully accept yourself and have the reciprocal relationships of your dream, while being in relationships that don’t serve you and not owning all the amazing things about you!

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So here’s the secret.


Our relationships are living things, so we need to treat them as such.

They need the same love, support, nutrients, & attention that all living beings need.  


There is no exact equation to follow that will equate meaningful and deep relationships; however, there is a roadmap and strategies that will help you improve ALL your relationships.

I offer this roadmap to help you in staying consistently motivated to improve your confidence & relationships, overcoming your own fears of expressing your emotions and what it would mean, and having the actual skills to help you to set boundaries, resolve conflict, and ultimately be authentically YOU across your relationships. 

Friend, you deserve to feel ALIVE and confident within yourself and have the ultimate compassionate relationship with yourself.

Disclaimer: Our focus will be on YOU in coaching,

but I won’t be able to stop the goodness from positively impacting other relationships and your life ;)


I specialize in working with young women in improving their self-confidence and relationship with themselves (yes, saying bye to that self-critical voice and loving yourself) in order to have the relationships and life that you want & deserve! Rather than celebrating their inherent strengths and accomplishment, I find that women who are excelling in many areas of their lives are often putting themselves down, doubting what they said/didn’t say, getting into romantic relationships that just all around don’t serve them, and feeling overwhelmed and underwhelmed all at the same time!

Hi, I'm your coach,

Dr. Sheva

As a former people-pleaser, who excelled academically and professionally,

yet struggled in owning my worth and showing up confidently in my relationships - I get it. It’s exhausting feeling so much pressure, managing the endless expectations, and not getting what you are giving to other relationships. But there’s hope- these are things that can be changed and improved. 

Through my personal experiences and extensive work with women, I know that your experience can be different. This is why I created my signature coaching program to support you in setting the foundations for relational wellness. I firmly believe that to have the life that you want and the relationships that you admire and deserve, that it first starts with our relationships with ourselves.


You take you everywhere you go, so let’s make sure you’re loving who you take!

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This application only coaching program is designed to take you from people pleasing, having those high self expectations that literally serve no one (but you probably think they serve you!), and not having authentic and reciprocal relationships to feeling connected to who you are, saying YES when you mean YES, being realistic with the expectations, and having the roadmap to your desired life!

This Program is for you if:


  • Tired of being a people pleaser and ready to start saying YES to you! 

  • Tired of not getting your emotional needs met 

  • Tired of being tired (ahh, I’m already exhausted!)

  • You’re over the imposter syndrome, especially when you literally couldn’t be more accomplished! 

  • Ready to challenge yourself and make some positive change 

  • Ready to fill up your love tank towards YOU!

  • Ready to own who you are- FULLY! 

  • You’re unsure how to communicate your feelings and handle the dreaded conflict 

  • Want the romantic relationship where you feel seen and supported on a consistent basis 

  • All about the personal development life and you’ve identified 2021 as your year! 

  • Simply continuing this way is just not working for you. You want more from your relationship life!

This Program is NOT for you if:


  • You are comfortable being where you are 

  • You are not ready to make any changes 

  • Leaving your comfort zone is not an option 

  • You’re not willing to apply different helpful strategies or actually do the work to make the changes you want 

  • You aren’t open to massive change 

  • You want to continue to prioritize others more than yourself 

  • You’re not willing to invest in yourself-financially, time, and energetically 

  • You want someone to just “fix” it for you

  • You are interested or needing mental health treatment or therapy.

Through my signature coaching program, you’ll learn the reasons WHY you should put yourself first, improve your mindset (yes, the thing that literally impacts everything), review and practice skills to strengthen your most important relationship (yes, with you!) and your relationship with others (I want reciprocal authentic relationships for you!). 


You have amazing strengths and I’m here to support you in fully OWNING those strengths in all your relationships. 

Roadmap Curriculum

This is an application only coaching program and the only way to currently work with me.

I’m in your corner and fully believe in you!

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Module 3

Deep Dive into your Cognitive Blueprint & Its’ Impact

This module is all about understanding your cognitive blueprint and how it’s influencing your self-confidence and relationships! Up until this point, you’ve become more clear on the life you want, the self-care that is fulfilling to your soul, and now is the time to do the real work and understand what you are saying to yourself about you and relationships. By the end of this module, you’ve done different exercises to give you a strong grasp of your cognitive blueprint.

Module 4

Cognitive Blueprint Advanced: It’s All in the Thinkin

This module will build upon Module 3. We’re going to get super specific on your mindset blocks and your inner critic! We’ll then focus on how to respond to these mindset blocks and that little unwelcome voice to improve your self-confidence!

Module 5

Imposter Syndrome

This module will focus on imposter syndrome and improve your understanding of why it’s happening and how to respond. We’ll support you in starting to fully own your strengths (you have so many of them!) and step into YOU.

Module 6

People Pleasing

Yes to saying YES, only when you mean it! This module will not only help you in feeling more confident to set boundaries within relationships and authentically express your feelings. By the end of this, you’ll want to authentically express your feelings more regularly!

Module 7


This module is all about self-compassion. It can be so powerful that a whole module is dedicated to supporting you in being compassionate and loving towards yourself on an ongoing basis!

Module 8

 Communication Strategies

We end the program with our final module on all things effective communication. You’ll know the different communication styles, effective strategies in moments of conflict, and how to comfortably state how you feel! 

Module 0

Orientation & Intention Setting

Coaching starts off by going through the structure of the program, what you can expect over the course of the next 9 weeks, and how to make the most of the program. We’ll focus on setting intentions for the duration of the program to support you in being open and willing to step into the person you were always meant to be and remain grounded in WHAT you are wanting for yourself.

Module 1

Connecting with your Values & Living a Fulfilled Life!

In this module, we’ll take a deep dive into WHAT you want your relationships and life to be like. You’ll be identifying your values- the things that truly make your life meaningful- and how to take action and set goals based on what is most important to you in life!

Module 2

Self Care, Self Care, Self Care

You don’t start feeling better and improving your relationship with yourself through checking off the things off your to-do list. Improving your relationship with yourself takes time and actions to physically, emotionally, spiritually, etc. take care of you! This module will give you a clear picture of what you’re doing well in regards to self care, what needs a little more love, and some feasible ways to include more self-care in a way that makes sense for you!

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Coaching Includes:

  • Coaching Educational Videos that delve deep into each module 

  • Weekly 60-minute Zoom Calls with Dr. Sheva to go over the modules and answer all questions, as well as utilize learned strategies to improve self-confidence and relationships 

  • Access to Dr. Sheva via email to ask questions during Monday-Friday (business hours) during the 9-week duration of the program

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between psychotherapy/mental health treatment and coaching?

Although Dr. Sheva is a licensed psychologist, her current program offerings are only for coaching and do not include any mental health treatment. Psychotherapy is a form of treatment that includes assessment, diagnoses, and individualized treatment plans. The aim of psychotherapy is often to improve symptomatology and impairment in functioning in any area. Coaching is not mental health treatment nor direct advice. Coaching is focused on future goal setting and skill building to improve one’s quality of life and is often appropriate for individuals that are doing well in life, but needing additional accountability and support to fulfill their specific goals. It does not include assessment of symptomatology, treatment, or any diagnoses. If you are interested in mental health treatment, please check and/or your local providers for more information. 

Does Dr. Sheva offer group Coaching?

Yes, if interested in group coaching, please fill out the application and Dr. Sheva will reach out to you when there is availability within the group and share specifics about the group. 

Yes, absolutely! The first step will be to fill out the application. I will then reach out to you to meet for a free call, during which we will answer any and all of your questions and I will share more about the coaching process.

can i meet with dr. sheva to ask my questions about coaching prior to signing up?
Are there other opportunities to work with Dr. Sheva?

At this time, Dr. Sheva is only available for 1:1 and group coaching, as well as corporate presentations.

What happens after I apply?

Your application will be reviewed by Dr. Sheva and if she determines that you are a good fit for the program, she will reach out to you to schedule a brief call to discuss the program, pricing, and logistics. This will be the best time for you to ask any questions that you may have. After the appointment, if it is determined that coaching would be a good fit for you, you will be invited to enroll into working 1:1 with Dr. Sheva or within the group program.

Are payment plans offered?

Yes, two payment options will be offered. This will be further discussed on the call with Dr. Sheva.

If you have any questions about working with Dr. Sheva, please DM Dr. Sheva on Instagram or email at

Make 2021 finally the year where you experience the relationships you deserve and it all starts with investing time and energy in YOU!
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