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Do you struggle with social anxiety?

Does the idea of sharing your internal experiences with others worry you?

Do you look to others and wonder how they are so confident in social settings?

Group treatment has been found to be highly effective for those who struggle with social anxiety. It is often times anxiety provoking to imagine being with a group of individuals that you have not met to engage in mental health treatment, but group treatment for social anxiety has been found to be one of the most effective treatment modalities. 

Prior to group therapy you might often feel stuck in your head, very self-critical, constantly doubt yourself, and often avoid unfamiliar people. You may sometimes feel paralyzed by worst case scenarios playing over and over in your mind making it difficult to just be.

With support from myself as the facilitator and group members, we will work towards challenging your unhelpful thinking styles. We will review social skills to help strengthen your ability to have regular and meaningful conversations.

Behavioral exposures will also be facilitated within the group setting (as appropriate) to help members in fulfilling their social goals with increased confidence and calmness.

Through this 8 to 10-week group experience, it is possible to experience greater flexibility in your thinking, increased comfort in socializing and public speaking, deepening of your friendships & dating relationships, and even asserting yourself and your needs more. Each week you will gain the confidence and skills needed to get out of your head and take more action towards your goals, without the heavy weight of anxiety.

There are 2 group options available to meet the specific needs of adolescents (13-17) and young adults (18+). New sessions begin as spots are filled.

Group therapy for social anxiety will simply allow you to enjoy life more! 
please contact me if you're interested in learning more about group treatment.
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