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Are you focusing on all your responsibilities and neglecting your relationship with yourself?

Are you doing quite well in life, but notice that you don't fully own your strengths and accomplishments?

Does your negative self-talk get in the way of your full confidence, potential, and/or relationships?

Would you benefit from some education and tools to help you to feel more confident and relationally well?

Do you need some encouragement, support, and accountability to help you in making the changes that you're wanting?


I offer individual and group coaching services for women, who are excelling in many areas of their lives, but wanting to improve their self-confidence and their relationship with themselves. The coaching will be specifically focused on supporting you to being more authentically and fully yourself within all relationships and life. 

Acceptance into my coaching programs is by application only and if determined that we are a good fit. Although I will be providing a roadmap & guidance to improved confidence and providing various tools to implement within your life, your experience within coaching largely depends on you! I only work with individuals that are fully committed and driven towards improving their relationship with themselves and have the time and energy to be able to do so. 

**Of note, coaching is not therapy nor mental health treatment.**


Although Dr. Sheva is a licensed clinical psychologist, she is not acting as a psychologist within her role as a coach. If you are needing mental health treatment, please contact your local directories and/or for information about providers in your area. For further clarification on the difference between coaching and therapy/mental health treatment, please feel free to contact Dr. Sheva at 949-478-3851.  

Together we will discuss the best approach for you and set up an appointment. 
contact me if you are interested in any form of
individual therapy and/or support.
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